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IMF accuser testifies before grand jury


amny Credit: Getty Images

A hotel maid who accused International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her Saturday in a midtown hotel testified yesterday before a Manhattan grand jury.

Jeffrey Shapiro, a lawyer for the 32-year-old West African widow, dismissed a suggestion by Strauss-Kahn's attorney that the incident at the powerbroker's Sofitel suite was consensual.

"When a jury hears her testimony and sees her ...I think that their claims of consensual sex or encounters" will be exposed as bogus, Shapiro said earlier on the "Today" show.

"This is a housekeeper in a hotel ... she needs that paycheck" to support her 15-year-old daughter with whom she lives in "a sublet apartment in the Bronx," he said.

Shapiro shot down a report that his client resides in a building designated for people with AIDS or HIV.  "Absolutely not," he said.

Among the evidence being tested by police is a piece of carpet from the room where the maid told police that she spit out Strauss-Kahn's semen after he forced her to perform oral sex.

Once considered a 2012 French presidential frontrunner, Strauss-Kahn, 62, is being held at Riker's Island without bail.

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