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Indie rocker John Roderick enjoys the tweet life

John Roderick

John Roderick Photo Credit: John Roderick

In the five and half years since indie-rock band the Long Winters released its last album, lead singer and songwriter John Roderick has become known as much for tweeting as for performing.

Roderick, 43, has amassed more than 15,000 Twitter followers thanks to his humorous takes on everything from music to parenthood to the absurdities of daily life.

He also hosts a weekly podcast, "Roderick on the Line," with Merlin Mann that lets him expound further on any topic that crosses his mind.

amNewYork spoke with Roderick via email as he got ready for a short solo tour.

Are you surprised at how popular your tweets have become? The nature of fame is very "now now now!", and being on Twitter every day, it can seem like the two worlds of influence are comparable. I've definitely found new fans for my music by being a flaming goofball on the Internet, but it brings up the age-old problem of being a "funny" person by nature who doesn't make lighthearted music.
It's totally possible to be a fan of my online personality and not get my songs.

What attracted you to Twitter? My initial love affair was with the limitation of 140 characters; I approached each tweet like I was writing a short story. Now I spend more time just shooting the s--- with people.

Are you working on a new album? I've been working on a new record the whole time, although different people have widely varying ideas of what is meant by the term "work". For instance, much of the work I've put into the record in recent months is in the "Think about songwriting in general whilst eating ice-cream sundaes in the Jacuzzi" family.

Will it come out in 2012? I answered yes to this question when it was asked of me in 2009, 2010 and 2011, so I'd better not make any definitive statements. See? I'm becoming more Zen as I age!


Twitter thoughts
A sampling of tweets by @johnroderick:

-- I've arrived in DC to take up my new position as Defender of Public Morals. First order of business: take your damn hats off indoors!

-- Oh, hooray. The bratty little boy is right behind me. He is a holy terror. I hate this little boy. He sucks. A sucky little child.

-- A young person just told me he doesn't care what I think, but I'm winning him over by chatting with him about Pokemon. He's 27.

-- I woke up thinking about Mr. J. D. Mortermeister Funkenstein. Is that a

If you go: John Roderick is opening for Aimee Mann at Music Hall of Williamsburg at 8 p.m. on Friday, 66 N. Sixth St., Brooklyn, 718-486-5400, sold out.

He is headlining at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., 217 E. Houston St., 212-260-4700, $15.


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