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Interview: Scott Bakula of 'Men of a Certain Age'


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One of the most sought-after demographics by advertisers is the 18-49 crowd. So it’s somewhat surprising that TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age” with its three stars, Ray Romano, 52, Scott Bakula, 56, and Andre Braugher all of, well, a certain age — has been a ratings boon.

It follows the lives of three very different longtime friends as they reach the age at which reading glasses become a necessity and you can no longer eat anything you want.

With the second season premiering tonight, amNewYork spoke with former “Quantum Leap” star Bakula, who plays Terry, an actor turned car salesman.

What drew you to the character of Terry?

Well, I mean he’s extremely complicated. He’s a wannabe actor, which I can relate to on so many different levels, and he’s so not like who I am in my life.

What defines a “man of a certain age”?

Ray always has the best answers to those questions. He’ll say, “I was having sex with my wife last week and in the middle of it I had to take a knee.” ... I think it’s a time when men are contemplating either change or feeling like they’re in the midpoint of their lives.

Are there other characters on TV like the three on this show?

No. I think that’s what has made the show popular. … This show isn’t flattering a lot of the time to us, so I think there’s a certain bravery this show has, and I’m glad it’s been embraced.

How does selling cars compare to acting?

Ironically, it takes some good acting. It’s a lot of improv, it has to do with being a little bit psychic and trying to figure out what people want [and] need. I guess you could say when you reach my age we’re all used cars.

If your “Quantum Leap” character Dr. Sam Beckett leapt into Terry, what would he do?

Let’s see. He’d have a lot of challenges with the guy. I think he’d have a lot of fun. He would probably get Terry to settle down.

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