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iPads are coming to some taxis for a test program

A man gets into a cab outside the

A man gets into a cab outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Credit: A man gets into a cab outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. (Getty Images)

Some city cabs are about to ditch Taxi TV for a brand-new iPad.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission on Thursday approved the installation of iPads in 30 taxis as part of a new program that could eventually phase out the Taxi TVs, which have blared at passengers since 2007.

Under the program, an iPad will be installed into the cab partition and run custom software from Square, the mobile- payment company that pitched the idea.

Passengers can swipe a credit card anytime during the ride and may eventually be able to use other features, such as games like Angry Birds, officials said.

The TLC is currently looking for drivers to participate in the program, and if it is successful, it could be widely deployed by early next year, according to WNYC.

The new system offers a big advantage for drivers: cutting the credit-card fees they pay by up to 50%.

"We see this as a real step forward," said Bhairavi Desai of the Taxi Workers Alliance, according to "With Square, drivers get their money directly."

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