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Isaac Mizrahi on how TV is like your mother & where to eat on the UES

Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi Credit: Courtesy Isaac Mizrahi

Telegenic West Village fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi enlivens QVC at 10 p.m. every Monday night and can also be seen 9 p.m. Thursdays on Lifetime's Project Runway: All Stars.

Q: What would you most like to see changed or accomplished in New York?

A: Taxis need to be redesigned to be more comfortable and easier to get into for a normal person with legs. I used to eschew all those rulings (about wheel chair accessibility) but the older I get, the more I'm for them. I'm 50 and have back problems and it's hard to move around. And as much as I love TV - I watch way too much - the TV shouldn't come on unless you turn it on. TV is like your mother: You love her, but you want to call her. You don't want her to call you. You know what else? It used to be easy to get a taxi! We need more of them!

Q: What's the best investment a New Yorker can make?

A: If you can afford to buy your apartment, do it. Also, get two sets of china that match. Like my mother says: You never know!

Q: Tell us the best place to go for fashion inspiration and fashion bargains.

A: Chinatown. Everyone there knows how to put them selves together, from the insanely gorgeous old people to the young fashionable person. And there is a fabulous hipster scene on at the fringes. I also go to the Jerome Robbins collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, because I'm inspired by dancers - fashion is all about the body. For bargains, just go to any store before Christmas. In the fourth quarter, they need to make room for the new year and mark everything down.

Q: What is Manhattan's best kept secret?

A: "The Wright." It's the café in the Guggenheim. It's delicious, the service is amazing and you can always get a table there. It's impossible to ever get in to the cafeterias in any of the museums, but you just walk up a few blocks and you can get in there.

Q: Finish this sentence. Being a New Yorker means. . . . .

A: You bore easily. So don't seek out medication for it! It's not a condition. Read! Watch TV! See a movie! I loved, loved, loved "The Artist." It's the best movie I've seen in 10 years. The art direction is wildly beautiful. And I just finished "The Hare with the Amber Eyes" by Edmund de Waal - a story about this Jewish family going through World War I and World War II. It's beautifully, beautifully written. . . .


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