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It's game on for new TV show 'Defiance'

Grant Bowler, left, and Stephanie Leonidas in “Defiance”

Grant Bowler, left, and Stephanie Leonidas in “Defiance” Credit: Grant Bowler, left, and Stephanie Leonidas in “Defiance”

Anyone can watch a television show. Big deal.

But with “Defiance,” debuting on Syfy tonight, you can also play the series as a video game tie-in.

“It’s one unified world and two portals to access it,” says executive producer Kevin Murphy.

“Defiance,” the TV series, is a sci-fi western set years after a huge battle left Earth wasted and now with seven different races and humans trying to survive and thrive. It’s set in Defiance, which is built on what was St. Louis.

“Defiance,” the video game (available now), is a shooter game set in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is frontier land in this world.

The two mediums are linked with elements from each carrying over to the other (though you don’t have to have both for a good experience).

“We’ll be continuing to send characters back and forth between the show and the game \[and\] plot lines will dovetail,” Murphy says.

And while there are aliens, Murphy says it’s selling “Defiance” short to say that it’s just a science fiction series.

“As much as it resembles an alien show,” Murphy says, “it also resembles \[immigrant dramas\] like ‘Gangs of New York,’ because this is really as much about a melting pot society, of which seven of the races happen to be aliens and one happens to be human being.”

“Defiance” premieres tonight at 9 on Syfy.

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