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J.Lo and Marc go country (club)

It’s super-hard to picture, but it seems Jennifer “Jenny From the Block” Lopez and Marc "Tell Me, Baby Girl, 'Cause I Need to Know" Anthony might be turning into stereotypical suburbanites.

The superstar duo recently moved into a “huge” house in Hidden Hills, Calif., and — according to In Touch Weekly — interviewed to become members at the local Sherwood Country Club.

 “J.Lo showed up looking like Jackie O,” said a witness, “and Marc was wearing some ridiculous preppy-style outfit — it was like they looked up what people wear to country clubs and then tried to imitate it.”

And, according to the mag, Jen was (shocker) the mouthpiece.

“She did all the talking — Marc barely said anything,” continued the witness. “It seemed clear that he didn’t want to mess up, like it was really important to her.”

Well, if she doesn’t get in, it’s probably because she demanded her own steam room, 631 cases of Fiji water chilled to 21 degrees, apricot-jasmine scented candles at the ninth hole, 900-thread-count seat covers in the dining room, black truffle-scented cocktail napkins and a custom Escalade golf cart.

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