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James Franco is poised for a busy fall

James Franco

James Franco Credit: James Franco (Getty Images)

By now, everyone knows that James Franco is great at keeping busy. Whether it’s starring in a soap opera, directing a documentary about BDSM, amassing graduate degrees or getting roasted on Comedy Central, everyone’s favorite multihyphenate has indulged in some truly offbeat endeavors.

When it comes to his bread-and-butter pursuit, movies, this fall offers a great chance to experience Franco at his most diverse. Here’s what you can expect from the 35-year-old in coming months:

Tuesday — “Child of God” screens at the New York Film Festival: Franco co-writes and directs this adaptation of the eponymous Cormac McCarthy novel. Francesca Beale Theater, 144 W. 65th St., 12 p.m., standby tickets available.

Tuesday — “This is the End” released on DVD/ Blu-ray: Franco and his buddies, including Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, play thinly disguised versions of themselves in the unquestioned com edy hit of the summer.

Oct. 22 iTunes and Nov. 5 on demand/DVD — “As I Lay Dying”: Franco adapts the iconic William Faulkner novel, writing, directing and starring as Darl Bundren.

Nov. 1“Sal”: Franco directs a feature about actor Sal Mineo (“Rebel Without a Cause”).

Nov. 27 — “Homefront” in theaters: Franco plays the bad guy in this blue-collar Jason Statham action flick — written by Sylvester Stallone? Why not?

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