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Jesse Ventura: Uncovering the cover ups on 'Conspiracy Theory'

Jesse Ventura

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Conspiracy theories often equate to the insane ramblings of counter-culture kooks.

Jesse Ventura is no kook.

The wrestler, actor, Navy Seal and former governor of Minnesota is the host of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” which has its second season premiere tomorrow on TruTV. The series has investigated topics such as 9/11, global warming and secret societies.

amNewYork spoke with Ventura, 59, about the show.

What conspiracies are coming in season two?
Well, you’re going to see stuff that … has affected us all. That’s the easiest way to put it. We revisit 9/11 for another go-around. You will see a blast from the past where we go back to investigate John F. Kennedy. People often say what new thing could you possibly spring about John F. Kennedy? My answer is, you’ve never heard an audio-visual and written confession before. And on my show, you will have that opportunity to hear someone confess to it. And I think that’s pretty big.

As a former governor, did people say there were conspiracies involving you?
What did I do? Tell the truth? How could there be conspiracy involving me? My life was pretty much pretty open out there after the media got done with me, I knew the key: I admitted everything before I did it. And so once you do that, there’s nothing conspiratorial.

Where do you get your information?
We use information anywhere we can get it. Generally it’s procured by the people we’ve interviewed. The people we seek out are all armed with it. So it’s they who have done the legwork. It’s just us exposing the legwork they’ve done. We’re giving it a national exposure that they can’t get, just like the confession on the Kennedy murder. Do you know who dropped it? Who had it and let it go? “60 Minutes.” They wouldn’t do it.

Do people know more of what to expect when they see you coming?
Yeah. When I go to the Capitol building or go up to legislators now, I can happily say I’m probably ahead of Michael Moore. They run from me faster because they know I’m a lot tougher than Michael. Not only could I kick their ass if I felt like it physically, I now kick their asses mentally, like Michael does. So I got ‘em 2-1 over Michael. ... You’re mainstream media, aren’t you?

Yeah, I’d say so.
Good, then I want to issue a thank you to you all. You know what for? Well, because if you were doing your jobs, my crew and me wouldn’t have one. So I’m thanking mainstream media because the fact that I cover stories that you guys won’t touch, that keeps us working, and we’re all getting paid. So keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t edit that out. But keep doing what you’re doing, because it keeps me and my crew working.

On TV: The second season of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” premieres Friday at 10 p.m. on TruTV.


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