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Jets fans would do anything for a shot at the Super Bowl


fans Credit: Getty Images

For long-suffering Jets fans, Sunday’s AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh against the Steelers can end years of frustration and send the team to its first Super Bowl since 1969. We asked New Yorkers to tell us the craziest thing they’d do for a win this weekend:

Randy Barona, 42, Queens
“I would give a kidney in a second for a Jets win. I’ll give you one right now!”

Sean Butcher, 46, Staten Island
“I’d go streaking naked through Times Square.”

Kristy Charbonneau, 27, West Village
“I’d buy a round of drinks for a full bar, sure. Anything for that win.”

Craig Moffett, 32, Lynbrook
“I’d give up a kidney, give up my blood, I’d even think about running around in my underwear on Madison Avenue.”

Edwin Corchado, 25, and brother Michael Corchado, 19, both of Bed-Stuy
“If it would guarantee a win, we’d punch each other once in the mouth. Why not, what’s a few missing teeth?”

Sean Carson, 27, Upper East Side
“I’d do anything, anything. I would dye my skin green for a week, absolutely, no problem.”

Charlotte Evans, 65, Kensington
“I would give up ice cream for a year to see them win. And frozen yogurt!”

John Revans, 55, West New York
“I’ll wear my jersey to work all day. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give up tequila for a month.”

Antonio Luciano, 35, Brooklyn
“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, whatever it took. I’d go swimming naked in the East River, even with my phobia of sharks.”

Danny Golat, 21, Staten Island
“I’d walk on my hands from Staten Island to the ferry, take the boat on my hands and walk all the way up here to Midtown. I’d do anything.”

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