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JFK Terminal 4 adding 35 workers to ease summer security delays

Kennedy Airport, in an undated photo. In a

Kennedy Airport, in an undated photo. In a statement, British Airways apologized to passengers for any inconvenience and said it worked hard to assist customers during a computer outage on Sunday, May 29, 2016, and to ensure that all flights departed. Credit: Getty Images / AFP / Trevor Collens

The private operator of Terminal 4 at Kennedy Airport said Monday it will hire an additional 35 seasonal workers to help passengers navigate airport security lines during what is expected to be a crowded summer travel season.

The workers will guide travelers and make sure they do not have too many carry-on bags, which should reduce delays at security checkpoints, the operators, JFK International Air Terminal, said in a news release.

The extra workers will also make sure there are enough security bins at the beginning of the line for travelers’ cellphones, keys and other items that might set off the security detectors, the company said.

The terminal, one of six at JFK, serves more than 30 international and domestic airlines and handled almost 20 million passengers last year, the company said.

The added workers should reduce the burden on the Transportation Security Administration screeners and speed up the lines, the company said.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said several airports and airlines across the country have been using contract workers to assist in nonsecurity related tasks.

Those workers “are generally reminding them [travelers] to put their items in the bins so that they are not likely to trigger an alarm when they go through the body scanning equipment,” she said.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said last week that TSA would be adding more than 200 workers at the three major New York City-area airports this summer as it adds more than 750 officers nationwide in a bid to reduce long security screening lines.

The agency said it was speeding up the hiring of 768 officers by advancing their start date to May from September, using $34 million in agency funds recently freed up by Congress. It said it would also increase the hours worked by front-line officers, including increased overtime and increased part-time hours.

The TSA has 36,263 full-time and 9,822 part-time officers, it said.

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