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Jose Canseco bawls out girlfriend on Twitter


jc Credit: Getty Images

Former Major League slugger Jose Conseco turned his Twitter page into a bawl park this weekend as he blasted his former girlfriend, calling her “evil” and even publishing the swimsuit and lingerie model’s phone number.

“Advice to the wise don’t fall in love with woman who take there clothing off for a living,” the current Yuma Scorpion tweeted Saturday about his 24-year-old inamorata, Leila Shennib. He also alleged she had a drug problem.

“I will never forget or forgive what u said to me leila ur evil,” were among other choice, if grammatically ghastly, messages the  outfielder hit into the Twittersphere.

Yesterday, Canseco, 47, posted that he was in Chicago and “would love to meet a nice holesome midwest girl.” He corrected his spelling of “wholesome” in a subsequent tweet.

While it is unclear how long the two have been a couple, Canseco implored his Twitter followers to cast votes for the curvaceous Los Angelena in a “Maxim” magazine contest in April 2010.

This contretemps was apparently not the first for the couple, as Shennib posted, “Feels good to be single,” on June 15.

Followers were alternately amused and aghast by Canseco’s outbursts. One lamented that the ball player was having “a Twitter breakdown.”

“Jose Canseco is like, 3 OJs worth of crazy,” tweeted William Dixon.

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