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Etan Patz murder trial jurors ask for computer program to help deliberations

Jurors in the Etan Patz murder trial asked Thursday if they could use a computer program to help organize their deliberations as a sixth full day passed without a verdict and signs pointed to a lengthy process.

The jurors also asked for readbacks of testimony expected to take four hours or more Friday relating to Jose Ramos, a convicted child molester who lawyers for defendant Pedro Hernandez contend was the real culprit in the 1979 Patz disappearance.

Hernandez, 54, of Maple Shade, New Jersey, who was working in a bodega in Etan's Soho neighborhood in Manhattan when the six-year-old vanished, is accused of kidnapping and murder. He confessed, but the defense contends he fantasized the crime due to a mental disorder.

Former federal prosecutor Stuart GraBois and former FBI agent Mary Galligan testified as defense witnesses that when they investigated in the late 1980s, they focused on Ramos because of a link he had to the Patz family. Jurors want to hear both again.

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