The jury in the Etan Patz murder trial completed its first full day of deliberations Thursday without a verdict on kidnapping and murder charges against ex-bodega clerk Pedro Hernandez.

During the day, the panel asked for a readback of testimony from Hernandez's ex-wife Daisy, all of his medical records, a map of the SoHo neighborhood where Etan vanished in 1979, and all digital evidence including two taped confessions.

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Jurors also had the judge reread his instructions allowing them to throw out a confession if it is involuntary, and explaining the standard for determining if a confession is voluntary or not.

Hernandez confessed in 2012, but the defense claims that police took advantage of his low IQ and a mental disorder to manipulate him into false admissions. His ex-wife, who has had child support disputes with him, testified that he told her in the 1980s that he killed someone, and that she later found a picture of Etan in a box of his personal papers.

Deliberations are scheduled to resume Friday.