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Justin Bieber not a 'Belieber' in urinals, video shows

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Credit: Justin Bieber (Getty Images)

Justin Bieber doesn’t exactly have a Spic ’n Span image, and a video released by Wednesday of the pop star urinating in a mop bucket won’t help matters much.

In the video, Bieber, 19, and his entourage are seen exiting an unnamed New York City nightclub through a restaurant kitchen when the “Boyfriend” singer stops to relieve himself in a yellow bucket, according to The video was shot earlier this year, the gossip website said.

Bieber’s friends — the self-proclaimed “Wild Kids” — can be heard praising him for his unorthodox bathroom behavior.

“That’s the coolest spot to p---,” one posse member says. “You know you’ll forever remember that.”

Adding to the bizarre scene, after Bieber is finished and has zipped up his baggy black pants, he sprays a bottle of cleaning solution at a photo of former President Bill Clinton and adds, “F--- Bill Clinton.”

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