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Kelly Bensimon on wedding, interview looks and more

H&M Dress, $49.95; at H&M

H&M Dress, $49.95; at H&M Credit: H&M Dress, $49.95; at H&M

Kelly Killoren Bensimon - model, fashionista and author of the book "I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet" - dishes out style advice to amNewYork's readers.

I'm getting married this summer, and one of my close friends just told me she bought an ivory dress to wear to my wedding! I'm annoyed, but how can I tell her - tactfully - that I'd rather she wear something else? Or am I totally outdated in thinking a gal shouldn't wear white or ivory to someone else's wedding? I love that you aren't a bridezilla - kudos to you. As for your friend, wearing white or ivory to a wedding is a direct insult, no matter how you look at it. Be honest, and tell her your wedding means a lot to you, and you'd appreciate if she'd respect your wishes that day. There's something to be said about respecting tradition.

I'm moving into a small studio apartment and am trying to figure out how to separate my sleeping area from my living area. I don't want it to feel like my guests are hanging out in my bedroom. Separate a room with a couch. Put the back end of your couch four feet parallel from the side of your bed so you are creating a new area. Add a small table in front to create movement away from your bed.

I'm going on a job interview. I don't need to wear a suit, but also don't want to wear something too summery. Any suggestions? Ann Taylor, H&M, and Zara have great options for simple, sophisticated sheaths and shift dreses. Keep your hair in a tight ponytail. Remember: Channel Jackie O when you're heading to work and Raquel Welch at the beach.

My guy's wardrobe needs an update. Any fashionable summer pieces I can buy for him that are relatively conservative but still cool? Go for a cool, linen button-down by Hartford - a great men's line - or pick out some vintage-inspired T-shirts. I love the tees by Whalebone Creative in Montauk. 

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