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Kick off 2013 right with some new fashions

Lindsey Thornburg + Pendleton trench cloak ($1,200)

Lindsey Thornburg + Pendleton trench cloak ($1,200) Credit: Lindsey Thornburg + Pendleton trench cloak ($1,200)

It's a new year - and time to add some new pieces to your wardrobe. To find out what's hot right now, we turned to those who know the shopping biz best - the owners of fashion-forward New York City boutiques. A handful of those stylish minds, who all opened up shop in the last year, gave us their picks for what the women of New York should buy right now. Our advice? Listen to them.

Lindsey Thornburg + Pendleton trench cloak ($1,200)

"This is must-have because it will keep you warmer than your ordinary winter jacket due to the fact that you are wrapping yourself in a Pendleton blanket. Plus, you will get a ton of attention for making a statement."

- Lindsey Thornburg, designer of Lindsey Thornburg and co-owner of Store One One 4 (114 Stanton St., 212-780-0227)

Funktional 'Maestro' blazer ($174)

"If you are looking for the perfect blazer, this is it. It has a sequin collar, which adds a subtle sparkle to any outfit, and the best part is that it's removable, which means you can wear it year-round on any occasion, from casual to dressy."

- Magdalena Jaworska, owner of O.N.A. (593 Vanderbilt Ave., Prospect Heights, 718-783-0630)



Harper Ave backpack ($250)

"These backpacks are our new favorite. They're modern, playful and super comfortable."

- Olivia Wolfe, co-owner of American Two Shot (135 Grand St., 212-925-3403)

Lady J Jewelry studs ($85)

"Our newest earrings, these hardware-inspired studs are a must-have for the stud trend in 2013. The artisan adornments are sophisticated enough to wear daily in the office, while also exuding a noticeable edge that stands out at night."

- Jessica D'Amico, designer of Lady J Jewelry and owner of Lady J+1 (679 Classon Ave., Prospect Heights, 718-783-0011)


Theirry Lasry 'Galena' sunglasses ($375)

"These round sunglasses look fantastic on everybody and are a great stand-alone accessory to make anyone look super chic."

- Emily Titelman, co-owner of Dagny + Barstow (264 Bowery, 212-675-2346)



Khirma Eliazov 'Herzog' clutch ($895)

"This cobalt and python stunner gives any outfit a punch of color."

- Khirma Eliazov, designer and owner of Khirma Eliazov (102 Charles St., 212-529-1408)

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