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Kim Kardashian: My love for ex Kris was real!

Kim Kardashain

Kim Kardashain Credit: Kim Kardashain (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is claming real and genuine love for her now-loathed ex Kris Humphries.

Fighting against Humphries’ claim that she defrauded him into marriage to boost ratings on her reality shows, the starlet said in a deposition this week that she actually was in love with the Nets baller when she accepted his televised marriage proposal a few years back, according to

Humphries, 28, is seeking an annulment based on his claim of fraud, which has held up the divorce proceedings for almost a year and a half. Humphries and 32-year-old Kardashian, who is expecting a child with boyfriend Kanye West, separated in October 2011 after a mere 72 days of marriage.

According to TMZ, Humhries did not show up for this week’s deposition, which lasted a whopping nine hours at Kardashian’s lawyer’s office in California.
A trial is set for May 6.

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