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Knockout locks make Kelly's look



I’m Jennifer Lopez’s hair twin.

Or rather, I’ve actively made myself her hair twin. Even my sister said, “Your hair looks exactly like Jennifer Lopez’s!”

Keep in mind I didn’t always have J-Lo’s locks. In January of ‘09, I was introduced to Bradley Irion — known primarily for working with Mariah Carey, among other big-time celebs. He was asked by my agent to blow out my hair for an event. At the time, I had a little bang that stuck straight out from a hairdresser who attempted to give me bangs. (Uh yeah, I was livid.)

Bradley didn’t even flinch. He sprayed those bad boys down and made the rest of my hair deliciously touchable.

I’ll never forget that night — everyone kept commenting on my hair. And while I’ve always had an abundance of hair, he made it look, well, right.

Sometimes Bradley adds extensions when I have big events to attend. Extensions, I often say, can be a girl’s best friend: They enable you to feel instantly glamorous — even if you’re simply taking your dogs out for a walk. (Full disclosure: I do love walking my dogs after an event with my bouncin’ and behavin’ hair).

But the extensions are the icing on the cake. My real obsession lies with the touchable, easy feeling my locks always seem to have.

Here’s the trick: Bradley blows it out upside down, wraps it in a bun, and uses a thick-barrel curling iron to give me ironed curls (or, as I like to call them, “Irion curls). He then finishes things off with a range of Oribe products. My hair even looks good the next day after I’ve been to Soul Cycle or for a run.

They say women can be defined by their hair, and I’m proud to be defined by the work of my friend and super-talented coif king, Bradley Irion.

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