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Levi Aron charged, as officials say Leiby Kletzky was drugged

Leiby Kletzky

Leiby Kletzky Credit: NYPD

The Brooklyn man indicted Wednesday in the murder of Leiby Kletzky fed the 8-year-old a cocktail of drugs before suffocating and dismembering him, officials said Wednesday.

Levi Aron's indictment on first-degree murder and kidnapping came shortly after the medical examiner's office concluded that Kletzky was drugged with a combination of antipsychotics, muscle relaxants, acetaminophen and pain medication, then fatally smothered with a bathroom towel.

Lining up with a confession Aron, 35, gave following his July 13 arrest, the medical examiner pegged Leiby's time of death to the afternoon of July 12, which is when Aron said he killed the boy after returning from work and panicking at the massive search for Kletzky.

“He caused Leiby to ingest the drugs," said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. "We charge that the child was kept for more than 12 hours, that it was an intent to kill, and that's based on ingestion of the medication."

Hynes said Aron's account of taking the boy to a Rockland County wedding after abducting him on July 11 was corroborated by a gas station employee. The clerk identified Kletzky when the boy used the restroom. Other witnesses said Kletzky likely sat in the car during the wedding, the prosecutor said.

Ligature marks on Kletzky’s wrists showed that he was restrained before he was killed, said Hynes, adding that there was no evidence of sexual abuse.

Kletzky, a Hasidic boy who lived in Borough Park, went missing July 11 after he got lost while walking home alone from his day camp. Cameras show him asking Aron for help, after which the suspect took Kletzky into his car, police said.

Aron led police to Kletzky’s severed feet, which were in a black plastic bag in the freezer, along with three knives and a bloody cutting board, in his Kensington home, Hynes said. He then took officials to a nearby dumpster where the rest of the boy’s body was found.

Aron, who has pleaded not guilty, is due back in court on July 28. If convicted, he faces a maximum of life in prison without parole. 

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