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Levi Aron has personality disorder: Report

Levi Aron

Levi Aron Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary

Doctors have confirmed that accused child killer Levi Aron has a personality disorder, and possibly even suffers from schizophrenia, the same disease his deceased sister was institutionalized for.

The psychological reports on Aron, who is charged with murdering and dismembering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn, appears to confirm the claims made for weeks by his legal team.

Aron’s lawyers have said he hears voices and that he would blast music over headphones to try drowning them out.

“From my observation of him, he seems abnormal,” Aron’s Lawyer Pierre Bazille said. 

Bazille added that the defense team would also have Aron evaluated by other doctors.

“We are going to determine if the mental disorders meet the threshold for a plea of not guilty by mental disease or defect,” Bazille told amNewYork. “I’m not diagnosing this guy. It’s not our job. I’m not a doctor.”

Aron, 35, was found fit to stand trial after the court-ordered evaluations.

"His mood is neutral, practically blank," a psychologist wrote in their report, according to the Associated Press, which first reported the doctors’ assessment. The report also mentioned that Aron’s sister died at the age of 9 while being treated for schizophrenia.

Criminal defense lawyer Jeremy Saland said Aron’s legal team now has to use the doctors’ assessments and try to prove to a jury that his sickness caused him not to realize what he was doing at the time was wrong.

“Unfortunately for Aron, there is no practical or valid defense to intentionally dismembering a child other than insanity,” Saland said. “Not capitalizing on these reports leaves Aron defenseless.”

Gerard Marrone, one of Aron's lawyers, quit the case on July 21 after hearing the gruesome details of the alleged crime. "You can't look at your kids and then look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that a little boy, who's close in age to my eldest son, was murdered so brutally," he told the Daily News.


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