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LI mansion tied to China smuggling scheme, prosecutors say

A Queens woman involved in an investigation of Chinese intelligence operations linked to a Long Island mansion was indicted in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday after officials said she helped smuggle packages for Chinese military representatives at the UN out of the United States and obstructed justice.

In addition to the smuggling scheme, prosecutors said Ying Lin, 46, a station manager for Air China at Newark Airport, managed an Old Brookville mansion owned by the target of a federal probe, and obstructed the investigation by warning the target when she learned of it, telling him to flee and arranging a flight to Beijing in October.

The indictment did not name the target or describe the probe. But in a Manhattan federal court case filed last year charging Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng in a UN bribery scheme, filings allege that he visited a Long Island mansion owned by a wealthy associate just before his arrest, and FBI agents interrogated him about intelligence activities of Qin Fei, the owner of the $10 million mansion.

In addition to helping her “confederate” escape, Wednesday’s indictment said Lin helped smuggle suitcases onto flights for Chinese military and other employees at the UN, and in turn was treated to tax-exempt and duty-free purchases of liquor and electronics worth “tens of thousands” of dollars, and free contracting work at her house by Chinese contractors.

Lin was first charged last year with illegal structuring of financial transactions. Her lawyer, who has previously identified Lin as a U.S. citizen who has lived here for 23 years, did not return a call for comment.

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