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Lindsay Lohan readies for court appearance

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Credit: Getty

It’s decision day for Lindsay Lohan. 

Charged with felony theft, the actress will either accept a plea bargain in court Thursday — which Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz said will include jail time — or go to trial. Lohan allegedly stole a $2,500 one-of-a-kind necklace from the jewelry store Kamofie & Co. in Venice, Calif., in late January.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old actress indicated to that she would not accept a plea.

Lohan, meanwhile, is involved in yet another case — this one against Kamofie & Co. According to, Lohan plans to sue Kamofie for selling video surveillance of her inside the store on the day of the alleged theft; she says the store had no right to use her image for profit. Kamofie raked in a reported $35,000 for selling the tape to outlets including "Entertainment Tonight."

The footage shows Lohan trying on the necklace in question, as well as other pieces of jewelry, and getting help from a store employee. Lohan left the store several minutes later wearing the necklace, which is visible. The tape does not contain audio. It is unclear as to whether Lohan swiped the necklace or was allowed to borrow it — as she claims.

The prosecution reportedly is worried that the sale of the tape may hurt the case against Lohan.

On Wednesday, Kamofie & Co. announced another Lohan-related stunt, saying it planned to auction off the necklace after the case wraps up. This time around, though, the proceeds will go to charity.

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