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Lindsay Lohan's rehab bans mom Dina: TMZ

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan Credit: Dina Lohan (Getty Images)

Oh, no, she didn’t!

According to, Dina Lohan made a drunken phone call to her rehabbing daughter Lindsay Lohan, and is now banned from speaking to LiLo during the rest of her stay in the Cliffside Malibu treatment facility.

Cliffside Malibu reportedly got Dina on the phone a few weeks ago so that she could speak to Lindsay, but “the person from the clinic who spoke to Dina believed she was hammered, and quickly nixed the idea of letting her speak to Lindsay,” according to TMZ. Now, the facility’s team thinks it’s best if Lindsay avoids phone contact with her mom during the rest of her stay, which ends later this summer.

In March, Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in treatment for charges stemming from a car crash in California last year.

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