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Lindsay, Paris, Britney: Bad girls gone good?


Lindsay Lohan this month at the launch of her leggings line, 6126, at Henri Bendel (Getty)

Getting behind the old adage that no news is good news, we've noticed that

our favorite (possibly former) bad girls, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and

Britney Spears may have moved past their hard-partying, camera-flashing

ways for greener, mild-mannered pastures.

Hilton, whose last big boo-boo was an insanely publicized stint in jail for a

DUI, is busy with actual work, instead of making headlines for being a professional partygoer. She's promoting her clothing line in Europe, has an MTV show "Paris Hilton's my new BFF" and another in the works and is in the upcoming movie "Repo! the Genetic Opera."

Lohan, who also racked up a DUI followed by a stint in rehab, seems to have

settled down considerably, thanks in part to her romance with DJ Samantha Ronson. Lohan has appeared on TV's "Ugly Betty," and according to IMDb, has two movies in the works.

We're most excited about Ms. Spears, however. Our No. 1 favorite pop star

from the late '90s-early-2000s, has been on the upswing of late. Her guest

appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" was well-received, she took home her

first of three VMAs last month and her new single "Womanizer" made it to

No. 1 on Billboard's music chart last week. Not to mention the fact that she

and ex-hubby Kevin Federline appear to have worked out an amicable

relationship with regard to their two young children.

— Kara Warner

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