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Live! With Kelly and ... Kim Kardashian

(L to R): Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian

(L to R): Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian Credit: (L to R): Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)

It already seemed as though her mug was everywhere: splashed across every tabloid, posted on every gossip website and flashing by every time we turned on E! But now Kim Kardashian will face the nation on a much larger scale come Jan. 23.

In what can be considered a travesty or a coup, depending on who you're talking to, the reality star announced on her Celebuzz blog Wednesday that she'll be co-hosting "Live! With Kelly" on Jan. 23, kicking off a week of women co-hosts.

"I'm so excited to reveal that I will be co-hosting 'Live! with Kelly,' with the wonderful Kelly Ripa on January 23!! I've been wanting to share this news for weeks now!! I can't wait to see Kelly! Xo," the 31-year-old divorcee wrote.

Oh, joy.

Before you start with the angry letters, let's get one thing clear: We're simply unsure what qualifies Kim to be the face of a revered American show. It's not like her choices have been so admirable or her use of her money so worthwhile.

And for fans of former host Regis Philbin: She'd essentially be replacing him for the day. Mull on that.

One question: Is 9 a.m. too early for a drinking game in which we take a shot every time Kim says "like"? We'd make it shots of espresso but then we'd be awake for, like, a month straight.

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