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Losing your job could be the best thing for you



You just got laid off from your job, and you feel empty, lost and uncertain about your future. It seems like everyone has a job except you. This is the worst thing that could happen. Or is it? Maybe it’s time to think about how you can turn unemployment into something positive.

Make a career change

Admit it: You hated your job. But now that you are unemployed, you have the opportunity to make a real change. What did you do for a living? What skills did you pick up from your previous job that can be transferred to a new career? What would you like to do? How can you get there? Unemployment has given you an opportunity at a fresh start.

Free to freelance

Companies force you to work from 9 to 5, paying you for the time they think you should be sitting at your desk. But you know that you can finish those tasks much more quickly and still have time for a personal life. Make the same amount of money or more working at your own speed as a freelancer or contract consultant, and use your extra time however you want.

Start your own business

If you’ve always thought about being your own boss, taking out a loan and starting that new business venture, there are plenty of resources that can help. Unemployment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your life — what you have done and what you would like to do. Now that you are not tied down to a job, you can take control and make your dreams a reality.

Live life a little

If you have some money in the bank, maybe it is time to take a bit of a break and put yourself first for a little bit. Go on a vacation. Make time for your friends and family. Learn a new hobby. The possibilities are endless.


Make lunch plans with a former colleague or schedule a tee time with a former supervisor. Then let the conversation guide you to possible business opportunities. Networking will keep you motivated as you try to make headway with your job search, supplying you with leads you can examine further and devote more time to. Unemployment allows you to network in a way that’s less business and more pleasure ... which actually works for better business.

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