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Comedian Louis CK rails against Common Core on Twitter

Louis C.K. presents himself as the average hapless

Louis C.K. presents himself as the average hapless schlub but stings with his biting commentary about things parents think but don't say while raising children. Credit: HBO / Kevin Mazur

Comedian and dad Louis CK took to Twitter this week to voice his frustrations over New York’s Common Core academic standards and standardized testing.

“My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and Common Core!,” CK tweeted Monday night, echoing thousands of parents who have rallied nationwide against the initiative to establish consistent education standards.

Including snapshots of sample math problems from his daughters’ homework, the comedian took an incredulous tone over their complicated wording, drawing hundreds of retweets on each tweet.

“Yet again I must tell my kid ‘don't answer it. It's a bad question,’ ” he wrote, explaining that he sits with his children as they complete their homework.

CK went on to praise his daughters’ enthusiasm for learning, as well as their teachers, whom he did not blame in his critiques of Common Core.

He closed out his Twitter tirade with his signature self-deprecating humor. “This is just one dumb, fat parent's POV,” he wrote, adding, “I'm [mad] because I love NYC public schools. mice, lice and all.”

See all of Louis CK’s tweets on Common Core:

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