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'Mad Men' fans prepare for season premiere

Megan Draper and Don Draper in a scene

Megan Draper and Don Draper in a scene of "Mad Men," Season 6, Episode 2 Credit: Megan Draper and Don Draper in a scene of "Mad Men," Season 6, Episode 2

The sixth season of “Mad Men” premieres on Sunday, and excited fans are taking to social media, many speculating on Don Draper’s future following last season’s cliffhanger.

“You become so wrapped up in the characters’ lives,” David Bushman, the television curator at The Paley Center for Media said. “Their stories are so layered; fans are very passionate about the characters.”

The show — based in a Madison Avenue advertising agency — has built a particularly loyal fan base among its New York viewers. “If you are a New Yorker, ‘Mad Men’ resonates in a different way,” Bushman said. “There’s a glamour to New York that lends itself to the appeal of the show.”

New York fans got into the spirit on Twitter this week.

“79 hours and 15 minutes until Mad Men premiere. I'm not going krazy yet. Just stocking up on vermouth. Chippin' and dippin' as they say,” New York-based author Gary Shtenyngart (@Shteyngart) tweeted.

“Who knows what Don Draper will do next? I don't know but can't wait to find out Sunday,” wrote @p_mullins_7.

And some fans are getting amped up by adopting Don Draper’s habits:
“What's everyones cocktail of choice this Sunday? Pour the drinks and whip out the cigarettes, MAD MEN IS BACK!” one fan wrote on ‘Mad Men’s’ Facebook page.

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