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Madonna 'GLAAD' to slam the Boy Scouts


Madonna Credit: (Getty Images)

Madonna used her appearance at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday night to criticize the Boy Scouts of America's long-standing ban on gay scouts and leaders.

The Material Girl, dressed in a blue Boy Scout outfit to present an award to CNN's Anderson Cooper, said the century-old youth organization should "change their stupid rules," joking that she's unable to join. "I think that's f----- up," she said.

"I want to do good for the community and most importantly I know how to scout for boys. So I think that I should be allowed to be a boy scout," she said. "And I think they should change their stupid rules, don't you?"

GLAAD said Madonna's attire was part of the group's campaign to end the Boy Scouts' policy. Following Madonna on stage was an Ohio mom named Jennifer Tyrrell who had been removed as her child's Boy Scouts den leader for being gay.

"When you have the biggest ally to the LGBT community speaking out against this ban and moms from Ohio speaking out against this ban, it's time for a change," said Richard Ferraro, a spokesman for GLAAD.

Boy Scouts spokesman Deron Smith declined to comment.

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