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Manhattan’s latest additional area code — 332 — begins in June

ALBANY — Manhattanites seeking a new or additional phone will soon have to deal with a new area code — 332 — which will join the iconic 212 and more recent area codes 646 and 917 added 20 years ago.

The state Public Service Commission said the new 332 area code will be introduced beginning June 10. To contend with excessive demand, new customers and existing customers who now have 212, 646 or 917 area codes but request a new or additional line may be assigned the 332 area code.

The state announced the new area code in 2015. The area codes in the other boroughs aren’t changing.

Customers calling outside their area code will have to hit the number 1 plus the area code they are calling. But calls that are now considered local will continue to be local calls at the same cost after June 10.

Callers will continue to be able to reach emergency services by calling 911.

The area code 212, which was one of the first 86 area codes created in 1947, continues to be a prized exchange featured in old, black-and-white movies to hip hop. The angst of losing 212 was the plot of a “Seinfeld” TV episode that made the character Elaine Benes freak out.

The 212 area code was filled up in 1992 and then again in 1997, which continues to this day.

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