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Mary-Louise Parker chats about 'Red 2'

Brian Cox, Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis star

Brian Cox, Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis star in “Red 2.” Credit: Brian Cox, Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis star in “Red 2.”

Mary-Louise Parker this week told News Corp. Australia that she’s “almost done acting” because she’s grown tired of the “mean-spirited,” critical culture.

“The world has gotten too mean for me,” she told the Australian media company. “All the websites and all the blogging and all the people giving their opinion and their hatred … it’s all so mean-spirited.”

If the retirement plans hold true, it’d be a shame, because the acting world would lose a unique talent — a Tony and Emmy winner (for “Proof” and “Angels in America,” respectively) who starred in the Showtime hit “Weeds” and brings an offbeat mixture of charm, beauty and smarts to each role.

You can get a double dose of the 48-year-old this weekend at the movies, where she stars in the sequel “Red 2” alongside Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, and “R.I.P.D.,” with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Last month, amNewYork spoke with Parker.

The “Red” movies must be fun projects.
The fun part is the people, it’s the cast. John and Bruce and I for some weird reason are this great little trio and we get along super well. The only hard part about this movie is that they often shot a lot of scenes on this one where we were freezing. It’s hard to have a good time when you’re cold, especially when you’re supposed to be strapped to a pole or somebody’s getting shot or you’re running in high heels. … We’re all pushing for the Caribbean if there’s a third movie.

Why was the sequel right for you?
I just wanted to work with Bruce and John again. It’s the kind of story that could just keep going indefinitely, honestly. It’s not unscrewupable. It’s not a foolproof thing. And I hope if there is a third that they come up with something really imaginative.

Why is Bruce a good partner in terms of achieving a screwball comedy dynamic?
It’s a hard chemistry to achieve, especially with a man that’s as masculine as he is. ... Bruce knows how to do it. He’s not afraid to be silly, and he’s delicious.

Do you feel Bruce gets enough credit as a legitimate actor?
I try to stay away from the popular opinion area, because I feel like especially now it’s like everyone has an opinion and ... is unleashing some degree of anxiety or their own low self-worth by expressing it on the Internet.

So you don’t worry about what people think?
I try to stay away from what other people think, because it’s really dangerous for me. It always hurts my feelings or I feel bad for someone else, and I also can never understand why... if you have the world’s ear, why do you go to something mean immediately?

Your Tony win was a moment where the validation of others meant something, right?
To me that moment was really magical mostly because my parents were there, and I felt like in my lifetime I got to give them that, and I got to do that a few times, mostly in the theater is when it felt the most palpable to me. I felt like I was giving them a little bit of what their support gave me, because I wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for them.

You've got some great co-stars in "R.I.P.D." What's Jeff Bridges like?
I was actually a little bit tongue-tied when I met him. And he turned out to be everything you would want him to be. He’s just yummy. Ryan was incredible and so smart and so funny and dear. He’s a really good man, I think. I really have lucked out so many times, it’s kind of ridiculous.

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