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Matt Lauer to intern on Twitter: 'Always tried to be nice'

NBC "Today" show star Matt Lauer sat down

NBC "Today" show star Matt Lauer sat down with Jay Leno on Thursday night. Credit: Getty Images

“Today” host Matt Lauer has had a rough week, beginning with a cover story in New York Magazine that showed the host struggling to keep the NBC morning show’s viewership up despite plummeting ratings.

The hardships continued on Twitter on Thursday when a former intern from when Lauer started on “Today” in 1997, took a shot at his old boss.

“I was an intern there in ’97, his first year on the job ... how do i say this....? he was.... not nice,” Mark Zinni, an anchor and reporter at Fox 8 News in Cleveland, said in the tweet.

Lauer, who remained mostly silent throughout the week, responded with, “Always tried to be nice Mark. Sorry you didn’t think so. Hope you’re doing well.”

Also this week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was reportedly vetted to replace Lauer as the host of “Today.”

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