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Mayor Michael Bloomberg kisses Lady Gaga -- and tells

Lady Gaga and Mayor Michael Bloomberg share a

Lady Gaga and Mayor Michael Bloomberg share a kiss at New Year's Eve 2012. (Getty) Credit: Lady Gaga and Mayor Michael Bloomberg share a kiss at New Year's Eve 2012. (Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is still swooning over Lady Gaga after their New Year's Eve kiss - but his gal pal is still his all-time favorite.

The billionaire mayor Tuesday dished on his brief lip-lock with Gaga on live TV during the Times Square celebration, saying she's "very charming," but he quickly pointed out that there's just no topping his longtime girlfriend Diana Taylor.

"I would be remiss if I didn't also add to that that he best kiss of the night came after that from Diana," he said, referring to his longtime girlfriend, whom Gaga also planted a kiss on.

Still, Bloomberg gushed over Gaga, playing her New York roots and praising her staying power.

"She's a young lady who grew up and went to school here in New York City, she's obviously a great entertainer," Mayor Bloomberg said when asked about the smooch during an unrelated news conference in Queens."

He went on: "Very few people who've gotten into a very tough business have risen so quickly to the top as she has ... [and] she's stayed at the top in a business where that is very difficult to do."

Bloomberg and Gaga weren't the only ones who surprised the crowds with a kiss as the nearly 12,000 ball dropped, as actress Jenny McCarthy laid a juicy one on an NYPD officer on duty.

Lady Gaga, nee Stephanie Germanotta, co-hosted and performed at the Times Square celebration, which also featured Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana and Cee Lo Green, among others.

The event drew what's likely to be record crowds, with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly estimating that this year's crowd may have been the biggest since 1904, when the city began the tradition. Some 1,500 cops were dispatched to the Crossroads of the World.

Reps for Gaga didn't return requests for comment.


Mayor Bloomberg and Lady Gaga made for an odd makeout pair, but they certainly aren't the only ones who have raised eyebrows with a kiss.

Al and Tipper Gore: The now-separated pair shared an awkward, just-too-long kiss at the National Democratic Convention in 2000, giving late-night comics and parody-makers weeks of material.

Larry King and Marlon Brando: King and Brando briefly pecked each other's lips during an candid, intimate 1994 interview.

Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera: This trio grabbed worldwide headlines after Madonna planted deep kisses separately on the two pop princesses at the 2003 MTV VMA awards.

Angelina Jolie and her brother James: During Jolie's acceptance speech after winning the Oscar in 2000 for Best Actress, the megastar curiously made out with her brother, James, and declared she was "so in love" with him.

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