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Metric talks new album 'Synthetica' and the 'Twilight Saga'

Metric, featuring Emily Haines, second from left.

Metric, featuring Emily Haines, second from left. Credit: Metric, featuring Emily Haines, second from left.

Canadian synth-pop band Metric is the opposite of an overnight success story.

It took the band a decade of playing increasingly bigger clubs before they finally broke into the mainstream in 2009 with the hit single "Help I'm Alive."

They followed that by cowriting the theme song for the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" soundtrack. Unlike a lot of indie bands, Metric doesn't hide its desire to be popular. The band's new album, "Synthetica," is full of catchy melodies that should cement its place on radio playlists for a while.

amNewYork spoke with singer Emily Haines.

You've said you wish more bands would make statements. What statement did you want to make with "Synthetica"? It's about thoughtfulness and trying to stay energized when you feel there are some hopeless realities - to not give in to escapism and to stay present. Artists from the past that I admire wrote hit songs that also had commentary in them. There was a sense of the artist as a social force.

Why is being popular considered a bad thing to some indie-rock bands? I think indie rock takes itself too seriously. Those kids who want people not to hear their music didn't have an obscure poet for a father. I know all about obscurity.

How did you get involved with the "Twilight" movies? We got a call from Howard Shore, who is the most acclaimed film score composer out there. I would never walk away from the opportunity to work with him. It just happened to be on "Twilight." As I hoped, that collaboration led to us working with him again, on the "Cosmopolis" score.

How did you get Lou Reed on your album? I met him at a Neil Young tribute. I introduced myself and he said "Who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?" which is a line from one of my songs. To have someone I admire so much connect with that part of me instead of saying something like "Emily Haines. She's that indie synth pop chick," was a great moment.

If you go: Metric is at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday at 8 p.m. 1260 Sixth Ave., 212-307-7171. $38.50 - $53

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