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Michael Jackson child molestation probes at center of newly released FBI files

Michael Jackson in 1994 (Photo: AP)

Child molestation claims against Michael Jackson left the FBI hunting for evidence in London, the Philippines and beyond, according a massive FBI dossier kept on the King of Pop and released Tuesday.

The 333 pages of redacted files address at least two molestation allegations – neither of which Jackson was charged for – as well as extortion and death threats again the late performer. The files also allude to the accusation that Jackson molested two Mexican boys in the 1980s then covered up the case, according to the New York Post.

A lawyer for the Jackson family could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The FBI investigation spans 17 years and was made public as the result of Freedom of Information Act requests from the media. Among the revelations:

* A series of notes were collected from an alleged extortionist who threatened to kill Jackson, former President George H.W. Bush and John Gotti Sr. in 1992. The writer was obsessed with Jackson’s sister, Janet.

* The FBI traveled to the Philippines in 1993 to question two former Neverland Ranch employees who accused Jackson of molesting boys.

* In 1993, FBI agents in London probed a sexually charged phone call between the singer and a 13-year-old British boy in the 1970s. The conversation reportedly included talk of masturbation.

* FBI agents interviewed a Canadian woman, who in 1993 reported being on a cross-country train trip with Jackson’s entourage and heard “questionable noises through a wall.” She said Jackson, who died last June at the age of 50, was traveling with a boy, whom he called his cousin.

* The LAPD sought in 1993 to charge the pop star on Mann Act violations, or transporting a “minor across state lines for immoral purposes.”

* In 1995, the FBI probed a poor-quality VHS tape seized by U.S. Customs and labeled “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favorites An All Boy Anthology.”

* The Santa Barbara County DA sought FBI help in 2004 in prosecuting Jackson for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old cancer patient at Neverland.

* Santa Monica police asked for FBI help during Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial, fearing the court case attracted too much media and had become a “soft target” for terrorists.

* The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, which aides in tracking serial murderers, was asked to help California prosecutor on a 2005 case against Jackson.

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