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Michael Strahan: Super Bowl XLII set the winning formula

Former NY Giant Michael Strahan. (Getty)

Former NY Giant Michael Strahan. (Getty) Credit: Former NY Giant Michael Strahan. (Getty)

Michael Strahan doled out free sandwiches at a Subway restaurant in Indianapolis on Thursday as part of the chain's FebruANY $5 Footlong promotion, but the former Giants defensive end was openly pining for the chance to dole out more hits to Tom Brady. In addition to putting his 28-24 Super Bowl prediction (Giants, of course) on record, he talked football strategy with amNewYork in a phone interview.

After being so integral to the championship four years ago, will watching Sunday's rematch frustrate you? I'll be nervous watching. I'll sit there and think, "Boy, I wish I could get out there and help." And, of course, when you're watching on the sidelines, you see all these great things that you think you can do. But I have to trust those guys are phenomenal in what they're doing, and that's the reason why they're here.

You can say that about New England too, right? Yeah. ... I don't think the Giants can walk in and think "We're just gonna beat them," even though the formula, I think, for beating the Patriots will be very similar to what the formula was back in 2007.

While you were knocking Tom Brady down repeatedly in Super Bowl XLII, did you start to see him anticipating the Giants' pass rush? You get a sense that he's kind of thinking to himself, "OK, I'm tired of getting hit." ... He was just taking hits from all over the field, and I don't think he knew where it was coming from. And for anybody, that's frustrating.

Is there a possibility of overpursuing Brady and letting the running game get more established? I'm sure they're going to rush Brady and get to him as much as they can when he passes it. But in order to get into those passing situations, you have to shut down the run. That was always my mentality. ... It's great to rush the quarterback - we all love that. But the No. 1 thing is: You have to stop the run in order to put them in the situation where they can only pass the ball.

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