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Michelle Obama has a new Twitter account


amny Credit: Twitter

Michelle Obama’s social media presence is doubling.

As the first lady celebrated her 49th birthday Thursday, she launched @FLOTUS, an account that will be run by the Office of the First Lady and her second foray into the Twitterverse.

Why the two accounts? Her older handle, @MichelleObama, has more of a personal feel and has largely been silent since the election, Mashable reported. @FLOTUS, on the other hand, will be seen more as messages from from the first lady, rather than the president's wife. @FLOTUS will also  promote Michelle’s “Let’s Move” initiative.

The account received instant attention, gaining tens of thousands of followers just hours after its first tweet.

Like her first Twitter account, @FLOTUS is run by staff, but tweets directly from Michelle Obama will be signed “-mo.”

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