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Mistrial in parking spot assault case

A man who admitted hitting a woman who ended up brain-damaged in a faceoff over a parking spot is expected to face a new trial after jurors deadlocked Monday.

A judge declared a mistrial in the assault case against Oscar Fuller after jurors said they were stuck in their fourth day of deliberations in a case that's been held up as an extreme example of New Yorkers' conflicts over space -- even parking space -- in a crowded city.

Fuller, 35, didn't dispute hitting Lana Rosas, 25, as they clashed in February when he tried to park his van in a Manhattan parking spot she was trying to hold for her boyfriend by standing in it. Nor did anyone question the gravity of Rosas' injuries -- she hit her head on the ground, was in a coma for days and still wears a helmet because of her injuries.

But Fuller's lawyer argued that the electrician never meant to cause a serious injury, as the assault charge requires. Jurors apparently struggled with the issue of intent, asking to be reread legal instructions on it. -- AP

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