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Mixed returns for 'Weinergate' blogger

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart Credit: Getty Images

The conservative crusader who broke Rep. Anthony Weiner’s scandal has been legitimized by his scoop, but he may be defeating himself with his handling of the fallout, observers said yesterday.

After Andrew Breitbart, 42, published the now-infamous crotch shot that sparked “Weinergate,” he went on a media storm, condemning Weiner and the media, even hijacking Weiner’s own confessional news conference.

Breitbart, who started at Matt Drudge’s right-leaning Drudge Report, has a dubious record of accuracy, having published highly edited videos to suit his agenda in the past.

“This legitimizes the idea that you have to pay attention to him,” Sree Sreenivasan, professor of digital media at Columbia University, said of the Weiner story.

Still, some said that Breitbart’s motives are self-serving.

“Instead of focusing on the true victims here ... Breitbart wants to play the victim card and had no hesitation jumping to the podium on Monday to let it be known,” said Nida Khan, a Huffington Post blogger.

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