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NewsNew York

Mom of killed pedestrian slams Kruger for pushing bill



A grieving mom is bashing a Brooklyn state senator for using her son’s death to promote his bill to ban people from using electronic devices in crosswalks.

Jason King, 21, was killed Dec. 7 after a truck backed into him as he was crossing Madison Avenue at E. 81st Street. News reports, citing police sources, said an iPod was found at the scene, and King may have been listening to music when he was hit.

Citing King’s case as an example, State Sen. Carl Kruger revived a push to make it illegal for pedestrians to use electronic devices while crossing the street, a proposal he first introduced in 2007.

“This is not a nuisance offense,” he told amNewYork at the time. “People are dying.”

Sonia King slammed the senator in a letter to the Manhattan District Attorney, Kruger, and the local CBS news station, among the media outlets that ran a story on the bill, Streetsblog reported Thursday.

“The driver killed a 21 year old who was walking to work by backing illegally on a one way street into a crosswalk,” Sonia King said, according to Streetsblog. “They left the truth out of the story and used our son’s death to go for headlines and political pandering.”

Kruger and CBS 2 did not return a call for comment.

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