NEW YORK - The family of a woman accused of moonlighting for 15 years as a multimillion-dollar Manhattan madam has launched a website to help pay her $2 million bail. Anna Gristina's family says it cannot afford to pay her "cruel and unusual" bail. The site says the family needs donations to help "bring her back to us." It features family photos and information on her pot-belly pig rescue farm. The site claims Gristina is being kept in solitary confinement, with temperatures above 100 degrees. It says authorities also attempted to humiliate her by making "her wear only a T-shirt and diaper." The Department of Corrections disputes all these claims. A spokesperson says that because her case is a high-profile one, she's in protective custody with six others, and she gets to leave her cell for various activities for hours each day. The corrections department also says it was 75 degrees today in the building where she's housed, and she was wearing a T-shirt and her own underwear when a correction captain visited her this morning. She's been held since her February arrest. Gristina's lawyers say she was simply trying to start a legitimate dating service.

Alleged 'Monroe Madam' still in jail

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Monroe mom accused of running NYC prostitution ring