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Morning Routine: Charlotte Reed

Charlotte Reed

Charlotte Reed Credit: Jeff Harris Photography Inc.

This week's morning routine is the cat's meow: pet expert Charlotte Reed, the author of "The Miss Fido Manners Book of Dog Etiquette."

Do you wake up to dog licks and cat purrs, or does an alarm clock suffice? At least three English toy spaniels sleep in the bed, but two cats jump up at about 4 a.m. to motivate us to get the day started.

What's the first thing you do with your animals in the morning? I give them lots of kisses and pets, and sometimes I allow the cats to follow me into the bathroom. I change their water and then hit the road for a long walk in the darkness of the morning.

What's your morning ritual? All carpets are vacuumed, floors washed, bowls and litter boxes cleaned before I can take care of myself. With so many pets, I refuse to have a smelly house. I'm queen of pet clean.

What would you advise pet owners to do with their furry friends before heading to work? Dogs and cats sleep about 18 hours a day, but they need to get lots of exercise to be well-adjusted. For dogs, this is key. In the morning, a bout of exercise not only starts their metabolism, but it relaxes you.

Are there any pet-friendly places in the city that you like? I love to take my animals everywhere that's legally allowed. Unfortunately, no Starbucks or salons, but NYC is the best place for dogs. If dogs could talk, they would say: "We love Union Square Market, because we have vendor friends who treat us well with bison treats and cheese." 

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