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Morning routine: Dr. Ruth Westheimer



This week: Sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 82, a Washington Heights resident whose book, “Sex for Dummies,” is in its third edition and is in print in 28 languages.

Q: May I ask you some questions for amNewYork?

A: I would first say congratulations — in today’s world, to get something for free, to put a smile on everybody’s face. I do hope that you are putting in some good advice, so that when people get to their workplace, that smile remains on their face.

Q: What is your wish for our readers?

A: For 2011, my wish for all of your readers is — for those who are in a relationship — to make the best of it, and to vary the positions of their sexual encounters. And for those who are not in a relationship right now, to make sure that 2011 is an important year for a new relationship to develop.

Q: Are you a morning person?

A: I get up at 9, but I go bed like about 12:30, 12. And I sleep eight hours. … I am not a morning person. I don't let anybody call me before 9 a.m., if possible. … And I'm out every night. … I'm kind of shifting my hours to a little later. The once thing I do in the morning is take a bubble bath. … It's eucalyptus, and it makes me breathe easy and smile.

Q: Is sex better in the morning?

A: Older people should engage in sex in the morning because the testosterone level is highest. And also a woman, after a good night's sleep, should engage in sex in the morning. [Excuses herself to take a quick cell phone call.] So people — if they can, if they're retired, if they don’t have to get up — they should get up in the morning and have a light breakfast, hang the phone off the hook, and go back to bed. And have good sex.

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