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Morning routine: Isaac Mizrahi


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Designer Isaac Mizrahi hosts the Annual Benefit dinner for Good Shepherd Services at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Highline Studios. Log on to for more information or to make a donation.

Q: Who do you wake up with?

A: With my dog, Harry. I have the best boyfriend in the world, Arnold Germer, but it’s terrible for me to sleep with someone. We’re moving in together in a year when the apartment is finished, and we’ll have separate bedrooms, which is a civilized thing.

Q: Does Harry wake you up?

A: I get up on my own by 4 a.m. I try not to reach for the remote, but it’s inevitable. The hosts on “Early Today” are kind of like my family.

Q: You’ve lost so much weight from your chub days: Are you a morning exerciser?

A: I’m pudgy again! ... I swim every day and work out four times a week. There’s something very humbling about putting on a Speedo so early in the morning.

Q: It’s amazing that no one has taken a picture of you in your swimsuit and posted it on Gawker.

A: Shut up! Don’t say that! That’s just what I need! I’ve been going to that pool since it opened — I have two permanent lockers, and I have more products than any other queen in that whole locker room. The other men point and snicker.

Q: So when do you tie on your trademark bandana?

A: After I put on Kiehl’s conditioner and scalp lotion and my black diamond hair gel. I make it from scratch every two years out of Japanese wax and castor oil. It makes my hair shiny and heavy, darling. I put all that on and slick it back and put on the bandana. Otherwise, it’s a Jewfro. I’m not a curl person, I’m a wave person — bold and masculine!

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