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Morning routine: Marcelo Gomes



This week: Marcelo Gomes, principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre.

What time is your alarm set for? 7:30 a.m.

Are you a snoozer or do you pop right out of bed? I tend to do a bit of rolling around in bed when the alarm goes off. But after a while, I turn it off and I’m up. I can’t say that I’ve never pressed that snooze button. 

How about breakfast? I make a coffee right away in my espresso maker. My typical breakfast can be a smoothie, oatmeal, cereal or eggs, depending.

Any favorite spots to grab coffee or tea? In addition to the coffee I make at home, I always grab a coffee to go. My usual coffee spots are Bis.Co.Latte on 10th Avenue, Grumpy’s in Chelsea and City Bakery.

After you leave the house, where are you headed? I go to Equinox to work out or to swim before I start class and rehearsals. I find that it gets my body ready and going for my day if I have already moved a little before I have to dance.

How do you unwind on weekend mornings? I love making a great hearty breakfast, and, since I don’t get to walk my dog for too long during the week, I make sure I walk Lua a bit more. And, of course, an extra hour on the couch with Lua and my honey always helps me relax.

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