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Morning routine: Padma Lakshmi


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Kitchen alchemist (“I am not a chef!”), model and entrepreneur Padma Lakshmi co-hosts the third annual Blossom Ball at the New York Public Library on Friday. For info, visit

What time do you get up?  Since I had Krishna [her daughter, born Feb. 20, 2010], a lot earlier — between 5:30 and 6:30! She’s still nursing, so if I don’t get up on my own, she gets me up. 

What do you have for breakfast? A grapefruit, a boiled egg, and a multi-grain English muffin with olive oil spread and chili jam. Krishna eats the same thing, but no chili jam or anything too spicy. I tear everything up for her and make all her baby food. 

Coffee, tea or chai? I drink a French vanilla tea with French lavender from my Easy Exotic brand in one of two mugs — either the cup from the CIA that Leon Panetta gave me or a Los Angeles Times Festival of Books mug.  If I’m going to the gym, I have coffee.

What gym do you go to? I’d rather not say. I have about four. I can tell you I sometimes  spar with my boxing coach at Mendez Boxing. It’s hard to find people in my weight class.

Morning ablutions follow? Yes. Krishna gets an oil massage every day, then we take a perfumed bath together. I make my own perfumed bath oil – with rose oil, jojoba oil and Epsom salts.


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