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Morning Routine: Scott Shannon & Todd Petengill



WPLJ’s Scott Shannon & Todd Petengill are also co-hosts of “Dish Nation” on WWOR My9 at 6 p.m.

What time is your alarm set for? Todd: 3:25 a.m. I remember going to bed at that time. This schedule doesn’t give you much of a life, but I’ve found all the great early-bird specials in town. It’s actually kind of fun to eat with people who don’t have teeth — they generally don’t take all the steak from the buffet.

Any morning rituals? Scott: I’m a news junkie. The first thing I do is rip through all the New York papers and get a sense of what’s happening in the world.

Todd: I lay out my clothes the night before like an elementary school kid. Ever try to see what matches at 3:30 in the morning?

Coffee? Papers? Scott: I don’t drink coffee. I get my daily caffeine fix from diet cola.

Todd: I don’t do the coffee thing, never have. I do consume tea by the truckload. Earl Grey is preferred, English Breakfast in a pinch. I’m such a WASP.

How do you unwind on weekend mornings? Todd: I do the same thing as I do during the week, only about four hours later. Want to join the exciting world of sleep deprivation, no social life and going to bed before your kids? Get into morning radio.

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