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Morning routine: Takeru Kobayashi


amny Credit: Getty Images

This week, amNewYork gets a mouthful from six-time Nathan’s hot dog-eating contest champ Takeru Kobayashi.

Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: I look at the time.

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?

A: A Banana and yogurt — but if it's prepared, I will eat anything. I could eat a steak for breakfast. ?

Q: Is competitive eating the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

A: No. Different things on different days.

Q: Would you ever eat hot dogs for breakfast? Why or why not?

A: No. A hot dog is not a morning food to me. It's a juicy snack!

Q: What kinds of things do you do to wake yourself up?  Do you exercise?

A: When I get up, my brain is clear and very conscious, so it's never necessary to do extra things to wake myself up. Sometimes my body is a bit tired, though. In that case, I drink orange juice or water to wake my stomach. I do not exercise in the morning these days. My exercise schedule changes with my lifestyle.

Q: Are you cranky or cheery in the morning?

A: I am a pleasant morning person.

Q: How are New York mornings different than mornings in Japan?

A: For me, when I lived in Japan, I lived in Tokyo. Here, although people are actually quite healthy, you can feel the stress from the morning — salary men rushing to work, children in uniforms going to school, people on the subway going to their jobs, etc. In New York, people feel more lighthearted and carefree from the morning, walking their dogs, jogging, getting coffee at the deli.

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