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Movie Review: 'High School' -- 2 stars

High School

High School Credit: (L-R) Matt Bush, Adrien Brody, and Sean Marquette star in "High School" (Neil Jacobs)

High School
2 stars
Directed by John Stalberg
Starring Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Matt Bush, Sean Marquette
Rated R

"High School" is about a "high" school, and once you've gotten that you've pretty much figured out this stoner comedy. Beyond the spectacle of an entire learning institution strung out on potent pot brownies, there's not much else going on.

Straight A-student Henry (Matt Bush) is your classic high achiever, no pun intended. A senior, Henry has earned a scholarship to prestigious MIT and a likely slot as his class' valedictorian.

But when, in a rare digression from his straight-edge norm, Henry samples some weed with pothead Travis (Sean Marquette), he faces an unexpected crisis.

The school's snooty, absurdist principal Leslie Gordon (Michael Chiklis) is on the warpath against marijuana, promising a schoolwide drug test the day after Henry lights up. Any offenders will be expelled.

So, our hero and his buddy devise the best plan they can think of: Steal a powerful form of pot from a crazy dealer (Adrien Brody) and hijack an upcoming bake sale with enough laced brownies to get the entire student body to fail the drug test. Cue a massive, widespread high, lots of munchies and endless marijuana-generated yuks.

Truthfully, nothing that happens in this movie makes much sense. And it doesn't have to. Surrealism, after all, is a hallmark of the midnight stoner movie.

But we do need more than a simple, mundane single joke, repeated ad nauseam from start to finish.


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